The Tetran Project - Turning Trash into Luxury Furniture

The Tetran project turns wasted plastics, wood and even glass into luxury furniture for use in its local and even global market. This project has already designed and developed it's manufacturing process, product designs and multiple prototypes. If your looking to learn more about this project, check out our demo site HERE.

Design Your Own Furniture With TETRAN Eco-friendly Modular Cubes

TETRAN is more than just beautifully designed and styled modern furniture; it is a revolution in modern furniture design that will cause people to see their furniture as more than just inanimate objects.

TETRAN’s modular design cubes eliminate the need for millions of tons of furniture waste. The modular cubes can be used and re-used to create an endless combination of living spaces, and with a variety of colors, finishes, and material options to choose from (all 100% recycled and recyclable!), this design is built to suit.


Acorye white

CEO, Business Owner

The Help Project's work has been consistently impressive, but the vision and commitment of the team is truly something special. I believe in this company and I'm excited to work with a team that's really out there making things better for everyone.

Krystle McNeill

Business Owner

Getting out in the field has always been a priority for me. #Help has helped make community outreach a natural process in our operations. Our brand awareness and brand recognition have truly thrived because of it.

Ayi nguyen

Creative Director

This group does everything you could possibly want and not only that, they foster beautifully designed and extremely intuitive to work. They're a cheat code for finding the heartbeat of your local community.

Anthony Saunder

Restaurant Owner

The money we have saved is evidence enough that this is something worth the while. The fact that they teach us how to maintain these margins ourselves is icing on the cake. At this point, they have our fullest support.