Our story

A Benefit Corporation Started
By Socialogist and Entreprenuers
The Help Project

Our story

A Benefit Corporation Founded by
both Sociologist and Entrepreneurs
wHO aRE wE?

We are a band of changemakers, entrepreneurs, leaders, investors, troublemakers, social-change warriors, philanthropists, and do-gooders.

The Help Project teams up with a diverse range of passionate people and partners to combat issues across multiple cause areas with the most effective model possible. Our for-profit/nonprofit approach is incredibly exciting and as a result, we’re able to solve problems quicker and make the most impact possible. We are on a mission to redefine how these sectors intersect, and help transform and collaborate with the communities we serve using new models that were thought to be impossible.

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To operate as an economic engine for Social Impact. Using Research, Automation, and Innovative Strategies to Build Profit & Purposeful Social Impact.


We envision a world where helping your community is so simple, convenient, and fruitful that everyone is doing it.


We develop projects that sustain themselves and improve the wellbeing of the communities involved.

Project Management
Program Development
Process Optimization
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